Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summit to Mariang Sinukuan

I’ve been pre-occupied lately that I’ve already forgotten to blog about my recent adventure. Last June 14, I went trekking again along with other friends. This trek has been postponed several times due to the bad weather but after a long wait we were able to push through with it.

6:00 AM was the call time for our group so again; I got up early preparing the stuff that I needed to bring.It’s too bad that not all the guys were able to join this hike. Jogs had a competition so he passed. We reached the foot of Mt. Arayat at around 7:00 AM and started our trek. At first, I thought that it’s just going to be easier than our Haduan since it’s just continuous uphill hike…well, I thought wrong! The fact that it’s a continuous uphill hike made it a lot harder. I felt like I was dragging my legs.The scenery was nice though. It’s like I was on the set of the book “Twilight” that I was in the forest of Forks…hehehe… It took us roughly 3 hours to reach the point they call White Rock.There we met some hikers from Manila who spent the night at the summit and did flag raising as part of the Independence Day celebration. We had a little photo opt and after they left, we decided to have lunch there and rest for a while.

After our lunch, we continued with our hike, we were told that it’s another 1 hour hike for us to reach the summit. I was like, “that’s just another hour…I was able to do it for 3 hours already…it’s gonna be easy”…If you noticed, I always tell myself that, “hey, it’s going to be easy”…that’s actually my way of motivating myself.hehehe… going back, it indeed took us another hour before we reached the summit…the trek was more strenuous and I was like, “Jen, you have no choice…you’re already here…go try to reach the summit.”

When we got there all the pain that I was feeling suddenly went away! The feeling was soo amazing…the scene is breath-taking. We had a nice chit-chat with the army guys stationed at the top of the mountain and got to know about how they live there. After an hour or two stay there (and of course after our photo opt), we decided that I was time for us to go back. On our way down, the trek was a lot easier….until it rained hard. We were drenched by the heavy rain while we’re going to down the mountain. The trail was muddy and slippery. While walking along the grass fields, I kept on asking Papa Rics, “Are we there yet?” and he would just say, “Malapit na.” That type of conversation went on for like 1 hour. It took us two and half hours to reach the foot of the mountain. It was one heck of an adventure and I’m up for it again! By the way, for our next trip, we’re planning to go to Miyamit Falls…gotta save up a lot of energy for that one…hehehe….

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